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WellsWebTech offers the following services:

Website Setup and Installation

Wellswebtech is able to provide a fast and efficient website setup service. A one page Website can take as little as one to two days to setup and configure.

Web Development

Wellswebtech is able to provide web development and customization services to those clients who are looking for a more customized WordPress environment. Some customizations include MultiSite, CV Management and integration with third party products where API’s are required.

Hardware and software support

Wellswebtech is able to provide hardware and software support for MacBook Pro, Apple Air, Apple iPad, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Mecer and custom built desktops.

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Web Design

Web Design is important to most of our customers as they try reach out to their target market, Wellswebtech is able to provide Wireframe diagrams for a client website before work commences. We do not provide this as part of our standard service. Please ask if you do require this service.

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